Rakai Resources is a joint venture, for-profit enterprise between SeedRock Group and the Salama Shield Foundation. SalamaSHIELD is a Ugandan-focused Canadian NGO active in Uganda since 1992 and SeedRock is socially-minded investment group focused primarily in the natural resource sector, with global experience and a particular interest in Africa.

Founded on the partnership and collective experience of both partners to bring a new investment and development paradigm to the Ugandan natural resources sector, we believe that social investment and the goal of securing a social license to operate must be a priority for the successful development of modern, large scale exploration programmes.  Rakai’s management has chosen to look beyond the industry norms to begin developing new and innovative approaches to building real value for both our investors and the local indigenous population affected by our operations on the ground.

Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) is common practice in the East African region. However, there is rarely a case of a large scale exploration program where, from the outset, the needs of the artisanal miners are taken into account. They are often exploited and under-utilized in terms of their knowledge, experience and skillsets.

At Rakai Resources, we are committed to doing business differently — in a more creative, ethical, and humane way.  Our mandate is to create a social-cultural and business environment of mutual benefit: where local communities gain in terms of direct social development benefits (accessing education, health, micro-credit & revolving loans, and food security), and our partners and investors profit through the identification and development of potential resource investment opportunities.

Rakai Resources is committed to addressing these inequities and concerns. We believe that the individuals and communities resident and working in the territories where Rakai Resources holds permits should be provided access to opportunities in terms of work, benefits, and well-being.  In short, the intent of Rakai Resources’ investments is to fundamentally respect and further the interests and wellbeing of those persons living there.